If you have a bad headache and waiting on an aspirin to kick in try applying ice to head.

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Take 1000 mg of magnesium


Take Emergen-C  after you drink and before you go to bed to help boost immune system

Drink Pedialye- re-hydrates quickly and make tummy aches go away.

Eat fatty foods- helps grease the line of intestines, which makes it longer for the slcohol to be absorbed in the body


 Take Vitamins Zinc, Niacin, and Vitamin A

Apply Lemon Juice or toothpaste to blemishes overnight

Vitamin E

Helps reduce hot flashes


Rub on toes and heels when breaking in new shoes

Hair Loss

Gingko Biloba, Tea Tree oil, Rosemary Oil

Vitamin C

Helps allergies and prevent colds


Green Tea

A natural Antihistamine

Varicose Veins

Eat Blackberries and Cherries to help reduce the appearance


Eat or drink to reduce stress and effects of depression

Kava Kava

Reduces anxiety and stress


One teaspoons of Lime Juice


Eat Tomatoes, Fish and nuts


Here is just a few home remedies for more please visit http://noedb.org/library/nursing-careers/101-at-home-remedies-for-common-ailments